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Middle Eastern Cuisine in Portland, Maine

The middle east is a vast area that incorporates various countries and groups of people that are diverse but with a degree of homogeneity.

Each of those different countries has its own unique type of food.


From the infamous falafels to the Turkish delicious shawarmas to the best Arabic nan bread.

We perfect each recipe to give you the best flavor while keeping the authenticity in each dish. 

Here at Ameera, we believe that food is more than just a meal to fill your stomach. Food is more about the joy it fills your heart and stomach with every delicious bite. It's also about the tradition and culture behind every unique dish... Learn More



What our costumers say

From Google

the best gyro & the best shawarma 

"The best lamb gyro I ever had, including food stands and mobile trucks in NYC. My exchange student from Bahrain said it was the best shawarma she had in the US. The proprietor is very friendly and although it was very busy our food was delivered quickly. Definitely try it out!"

From Facebook

"Incredible food"

"Incredibly delicious food! The platters are huge... easily two meals' worth! The sandwiches were packed with tender, juicy meat, and the hummus and baba ganoush were irresistible. Cardamom tea warmed us up on a cold winter day, and all the desserts were delectable. We took home another meal's worth from their cooler and stocked up on their fantastic bread. We will be back!"

From Yelp

Excellent service and food

"This food is so good. Service was excellent, even got a discount for it being my first time. Cool people working here. I live in NH, but I'm taking some extra food to go. Fresh warm bread, creamy hummus, incredible olive oil, tender lamb kufta, flavorful everything, tasty dolma to cleanse the palette.Fresh.Why aren't you eating here already?"

Our costumers love us and we are confident you will love our food too. We are always working on trying to improve our food and your feedback can help us be the best for you.


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