About Ameera

As an immigrant from Iraq, Ahmed Abbas the owner of Ameera Bread wanted to start his dream business after he moved to the states.

He bought Tandoori Bread back in 2014 and turned it into a very successful restaurant with two locations. The main location in Forest ave and the second location in the heart of downtown Portland, Maine. 


His dream is to bring the best Mediterranean food and love to people.. and that dream grows stronger every day with the support of each loyal customer.

Our Vision

Here at Ameera, we believe that food is more than just a meal to fill your stomach. Food is more about the joy it fills your heart and stomach with every delicious bite. It's also about the tradition and culture behind every unique dish.


That's why we serve the most Authentic Mediterranean dishes from all over the middle east. Each meal we serve at Ameera has its own personality that is brought from the culture behind what country it's from. From the Turkish shawarma and the Egyptian falafel all the way to Isreali hummus and Greek gyro.


Ameera unites all of those countries with their most popular middle eastern meals and brings them all to you in one place here in Portland, Maine. 

We carefully craft our dishes to show you the culture and authenticity behind each flavor. 

From the Press


Ameera Bread's falafel and vegetables in samoun bread, which is pretty much the most effective shape for a sandwich... read more


The kufta had a very nice bit of heat to it, not overwhelming, just sort of warm and welcoming. The lamb was tender and had a smoky, charred flavor from the grill... read more


A column of glistening shawarma meat sizzles on the stove. The counter displays trays of spinach pies and pastry triangles, sambusas, filled with beef, chicken, or veggie mixtures. The first bite into a beef triangle is a delicious burst of subtle herb and spice. The tasty little treat is just $1.99... read more


845 Forest Ave,

Portland, ME 04103


Open Everyday 8 a.m to 8 p.m

Contact Us

(207) 956-7071



Established since 2008 in Portland, Maine